How My Drug Use and Jail-time Inspired Man in a Box

How My Drug Use and Jail-time Inspired Man in a Box

June 14th, 2014



I’ve been through hell and back, but let me preface my story by saying that I am creating my happy ending.

Drugs and alcohol were a staple in my home, and as a result, my younger sister and I were often separated from our mother and staying with relatives or friends.  By the time I was 15 years old, I was already living on my own, although, I was not totally alone – I often kept company with prostitutes, alcoholics, and other “damaged people” but they were able to provide me with a place where I can lay my head and dream of better days.

While I could have easily let my past experiences pervade my present state of mind, I choose instead to turn to the Bible, this was the  only thing that brought me peace in my younger days, giving me hope and courage to rise above and not become a statistic. Despite my trials under which I endured, I persevered, and  I am proud to say that I graduated high school.

Despite the distance between my sister and I, we were always close. Unfortunately, things were even more difficult for her, she endured terrible abuse, and it is an experience that haunts her to this day.  She walked a different path, dropped out of school, turned to drugs.  One of her children, my niece Nakya, was killed in a car accident when she was four years old, adding more pain to the broken souls of this family.  As you can imagine, I was devastated by her loss, and my first film was made in memory of  her.

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